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Monday, September 7, 2009

A Pretty Chocolate Cupcake

I have a decorating tool that is so fun to use. It makes regular cupcakes and cookies look like I bought them at the store bakery.

Over the summer I got hooked on watching a TLC show called "Cake Boss" I am truly amazed at what these artists can create. Maybe you'll be hooked too. http://http//tlc.discovery.com/search/results.html?focus=video&query=cake+boss&search.x=24&search.y=5

I really thought that the cake we chose the make for Lydia's birthday, the cupcake kingdom, would turn out looking like like the Cake Boss made it. Even just watching the show I learned some skills and inside scoop to the cake decorating world. I have to admit i was quite proud of myself-tackling such a large cake project with very little experience in cake decorating.

Lydia's First In-and-Out Day

It's amazing that a piece of meat between two buns tastes way better than a piece of hamburger on your highchair tray.

We discovered that Lydia loves hamburgers. Really what kid doesn't. She had a great time when we took her to In and Out burger with us.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Kudos To Jeannette

I have to take a second to pat myself on the back. During the last few years I have been very dependant on going to the Gym in order to fit daily exercise in. Since moving to Surprise the gym loved going to (LIFETIME) is just a bit too far for a daily trip. So I've decided to save gas and time by exercising each morning after the kids are off to the school bus.

Woo HOO We are 6 weeks in to my plan and so far I have been able to keep my commitment. YEAH!!!. I buckle Lydia into the jogger stroller, plug into my mp3 player, load up with water and baby treats and away we go. I actually look forward to our explorations now.

So far my running route consists of weaving in and out of our neighbor hood streets exploring. Sometimes I venture out into other neighborhoods, but so far this has kept me satisfied. I'm like a human GPS- for my subdivision. I know those streets like the back of my hand. Now when new friends move into the ward and tell me their address I know exactly where it is, how to get there and can even picture the style of house they probably live it. I'm such a snoop.

It is still REALLY hot here in the mornings--at least 85 degrees when I head out with the sun beating down on us-That is partly why I am so proud of myself for being so consistent, the neighbors think I'm crazy I'm sure- since it's like a ghost town here in the summer. No one goes outside. I'm hoping that by the time the weather is PERFECT here and snowing everywhere else, I will have a great habit established that I can stick to.

Your extra encouragement is always welcome :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pool Fun

I am Very sure that the saftey instructions on the box the pool came in specifically said that this was NOT safe, but we have fun doing it anyways. Knock on wood..no one has been hurt yet.

I hope you are sending prayers of safety on our behalf. :)

Riley's Flip off the ladder Austin front flip off the ladder

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Will You Just Loose Your Tooth Already

We are in the Missing teeth stage of life with Austin and Riley. Loosing teeth is fun the first few times especially the 2 front teeth, they look ridiculous without the teeth and talk really funny. Then it just get a little old listening to all the complaining about my tooth hurting or I can't eat that because of my loose tooth or I don't think I can brush my teeth tonight because you remember my loose tooth. Beware it's a great excuse of a lot of things. Well yesterday I was fed up with the excuses. being silly i reached out and grabbed Riley's loose tooth with my fingers. Wiggled it really good a few times. Wow it really was loose-it was sticking straight out but still attached. I convinced him to let me "wiggle" it again a bit. well I wasn't going to let it just hang there so I not so gently grabbed it and practically pulled his tooth out of his mouth with my fingers. Woo Hoo The Tooth Fairy's coming Tonight!!

Mom, what's for dinner?

I'm still going through a few boxes from our move organizing and dejunking.....I decided to check into the 72 hour kit. 3 years ago I felt really safe knowing that I had worked diligently to prepare our family for any disaster that might last upto and not exceeding 72 hours. whoo hoo way to go.
Today I noticed that all of the food in the kit it now very expired. so now when th eboys ask what's for lunch today i'm a happy to offer any of these options. Graham crackers, chili, ramen, milk, V-8, spahetti rings, or peanut butter. ENJOY

Austin's Preconceived Ideas

This is so cute I just had to share it.

After the second day of riding the school bus Austin informed me that he didn't want me to meet him at the bus stop and walk home with him. He felt like he knew how to get home by himself without my help. Honestly I believed he could also, but thought it would be fun to welcome him home as the bus rolled up. In addition to not wanting me to meet him he also had a preconceived idea about how I should greet him as arrived home. I was not aware of this idea until he came home and found me busily working-vaccuming the car in the garage. His first words were "mom, you're not suposed to be out here when I come home I wanted you to be inside and when I open the door I will say "Maaawwwm IIImmm Hooommme".

So unaware of how I was supposed to greet him this is how our "role play" went. It took me 3 times to figure out what he had invisioned in his mind.

1. The first time I went inside and waited right by the door so that when he opened it I was right there ready to hear him say the critical words. Well that wasn't quite right. "you're supposed to be upstairs when I say it" Oh OK Let's try it again.

2. I ran to the top of the stairs and waited a minuet more for him to say "Maaawwwm III'mmm Hooommme". No! you're not supposed to be at the top of the stairs, in your bedroom in the chair. Oh Ok let's try it again

3. 3rd times a charm. I did it exactly as he described. He opened it door wide, said the words, ran up the stairs, found me in my room, in the chair reading (pretending)and gave me a BIG welcome home hug and kiss.

Wow, I don't know why that is how he invisioned the end of a long school day, but I loved it and too cute not to remember. (too many Leave it To Beaver shows on PBS)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Sunday Night we had a school clothes fashion show, decided on the first outfit, packed our school supplies, found our luch sacks, and went to bed early. We are definately not used to getting up before 8:00 in the morning and any type of ridged schedule. The summer has been full of FUN for us. Now it's time to get back the grindstone.

Austin's First day of school- Ashton Ranch Elementary 2009

RILEY's First day of school at Ashton Ranch Elementary 2009--2nd Grade

Everyone in our family was really excited about the new experience of Riding the school bus.

When 7:30 came around we could hear the first day of school excitement outside our windows as several kids and some parents made the trek to the bus stop together. We met some nice neighbors and realized that there were a lot of kids from the neighborhood going to our same school

Riley is all ready for ALOT of Homework

My First Piggie Tails

Lydia's hair seems to getting a little bit longer each day so today I tried to put in pig tails . I'm definately not a pro at doing girl hair yet, but it was super fun to imagine our future mornings on the bathroom counter.

Everywhere we went today for errands she was a hit. They probably thought I pretty desperate.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Austin:A Boy After My Own Heart

The other day the boys were accompanying me while I did some errands to alot of girl/mom stores. While we were at JCP Austin picked up a housewares catalog to keep himself busy while i waited my turn. His comment made me giggle.

He loves looking through magazines. He enjoys people magazine alot, and regularly reads family Fun, and can flip the pages of a LEGO magazine over and over until we have to restaple the binding or tape the pages together again.

After he had a few minuets to examine all the fun kitchen appliances and pots and pans he said with honest frustration

"mom there's just so many great things in this magazine that I want. It is really hard to choose."

I know just how he was feeling because that is what I say to myself when ever I look through a housewares magazine. He and I are kindred spirits in that way. I think I dream about new appliances and kitchen gizzmos more than a new outfit or shoes.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Sunday

It was apretty normal/busy Sunday for us, but I did manage to take this quick photo as we raced out the door for church.
Hey Riley, Smile
.....I am

Come to find out he had big wad of Starbust candies in his mouth so he really was smiling. We retook the photo with the candy in my hand. This one turned out cute also.
Lydia's bow continued to not stay on her head.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parenting Lesson Learned

This is Kevin's Toothbrush..Mums the word

When Lydia started to crawl I thought it was great that she could get around to entertain herself. Her favorite activites were opening cupboards and unloading cupboards. Literally going from one cupboard to the next to the next one and so on until I had a terrible mess to clean up. I'ts so cute I would think. She's being musical with the pots and pans and exploring in the tupperware being creative.

Well, when my mom came to visit this last week and saw how much "fun" Lydia was having in the kitchen she gave a bit of advice...Jeannette give her ONE cupboard to unload not the whole kitchen. You're just making more work for yourself. I have to agree. Since I have been baricading her in the familyroom while I work and she plays with her toys I have found I can accomplish a whole lot more.

It's still pretty cute how she loves to unload cupboards and drawers she leaves a trail where ever she goes. unloads to bedroom drawers full of clothes and bathroom drawers filled with towels and makeup.

Tough Decision...

Well it really shouldn't be a tough decision but it was for me. It decided to change the look of my blog. So many of my friends have cute backgrounds and fun additions that make it interesting to read. so I went exploring on the TCBOTB and after 45 minuets of "trying on" backgrounds I decided on this one. What do you think?

I have to say I like it but it wasn't my first choice. The first two I tried on that I really liked all of a sudden looked really familiar...well that it because they were the same cute background from fsome good friends' blog. We must have similar tastes. So rather than being the same I chose something different. And after all, just like a bad haircut, give it a few weeks and it will grow on you, or go get it trimmed again. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We're So Proud


Although Austin and Riley were chosen as students of the quarter in January I haven't taken the time to say how proud I am of both of them. This was the first time they had received an award at school and were a little unsure about how to accept the the praise from our kind principles. There's a first time for everything. Although they were a little nervous I could still see them glowing with excitement behind their awkward smiles.
Since the beginning of the school year I have been amazed how much they have grown up during this past 1st grade year. It seems like everyday as we drive away from school I am encountered with a new "what is ....." question or "how does....work" or they ever popular WHY questions. Often times I have to think a minute inorder to give the best and most simple descriptions or definitions and answers to their curious questions. All these great questions show me how much they are learning at school and how much MORE they want to learn.
It's been almost 8 months of learning to read. I am amazed at how one day they are struggling to understand the sounds that letters make and the concept of how to sound out words and a little bit at a time, and also memorizing site words day after day; and then one day it just CLICKS. They can read!! And they LOVE to READ. Even Austin can read words on the closed captioning as they scoot quickly past.
I know they are proud of themselves and their accomplishments.
Principle Dr Waltman and Asst Tim Ramsey

Laughter of Children

It is truly amazing how each and everytime Lydia laughs we all start to giggle along with her. Her giggle is definately contagious. It has only been a month or so since we could count on her giggling at all the funny things we do. It is surprising the things that really do make her smile and laugh.

  • In this video clip she finds Riley's slow motion jogging in place a real hoot.
  • Peek a boo over the back of the sofa is another big giggle factory.
  • Tipping backwards off moms lap-- we call it "Down-down-Down"
  • good old wisker kisses in the crack of the neck is another good one.
  • sitting on top of dads shoulders
  • eating her little baby piggy toes
  • Tickling her sides-even saying the words "I'm Gonna tickle-tickle"will sqeek out a smile in anticipation.

FYI: Being tossed up in the air, even just a little bit DOES NOT produce a giggle but rather a face full of terror and the grip of death with her little hands.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break in Zions National Park

At the end of Spring break we took a little drive to visit Grandpa Brent in St. George for a few days. We had an amazing time hiking Zions. We could not have asked for better weather that day and every one's attitude about doing something new was positive. I really enjoyed sharing the picturesque red rock of Southern Utah with my children.

Weeping Rock and the Emerald Pools hike were our choices this time. Austin and Riley enjoyed hiking quite a bit and Lydia was a trooper in the backpack. So next time we will have to be more adventurous and try some different hiking trails.

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"Rub a Dub Dub 3 Kiddos in the Tub"

The other night the boys were super stoked about taking a bath. Now that they are taking showers I guess the novelty of a soaky bath sounded pretty good. Lydia was a good sport and sqeezed herself into. Why not save time and have the boys wash the baby.

I loved this picture because it reminded me a picture my mom took of my siblings and I all taking a bath together. We were all pretty close in age. I rembember being about 3 years old, Christine was 4 and Shayne was 5. Wow good times.

NOte : this photo must have been taken at the end of summer. Notice the difference in skin tone among my siblings.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dish Washer Friend

Lydia feels really confident lately. Nothing is out of her reach. She can crawl quickly to anything that interests her, get to her knees , reach for something to pull up with, then shes on her toes. The Dishwasher is one of her favorite attractions. I'm sure the clanking dishes of the dishes is her cue to rush over and "help" me out. She can now unload nearly as fast as I can load the dishes in. I am afraid that one time she is going to pull out the breakable plates and bowls and throw them on the floor like she does the plastic ones faster than I can stop her. She's a determined little one. I love it when she gives me a big grin when she knows shes's been caught in the act.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Training 2009

Once again we made our yearly pilgrimage to the baseball field. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers at the tailgate and a fun trolly ride over to the field are fun traditions that we look forward to . This year it was the Angels vs. the San Fanscisco Giants. We left early so we are not sure who won, but since I wasn't rooting for either one specifically--everyones' a winner. The cooworkers that came with Shayne were huge Giant's fans. They had a lot of fun baseball tidbits to share which helped make the game interesting.

Lydia did excellent on her first baseball game. Luckily we were seated on the lawn instead of the bleachers. She was able to crawl around and be wiggly. That's pretty tough to do on Dirty metal chairs.

Each year the boys stay interested in the game a little longer. This iyear the cracker jack treat was the big entertainer. Thank goodness for the treat inside. They folded the little piece of paper for an hour over and over.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

2 Big Thumbs up for Makutus Island

As a family we celebrated Austin and Riley's birthday at Makutus Island along with and a bite to eat at Rainforest Cafe. We made it a Jungly 7th Celebration.

I am now a huge fan of Makutus Island. Austin showed us his NO FEAR side where as Riley became even for afraid of heights.

Kevin was Austin's climbing buddy going through every possible tube, tree and slide. Austin's favorite slide was the big Banana slide. Each time they crawled through a clear plexiglass tube 25feet above the air Kevin admits he was a bit freeked out whereas it didn't phase Austin a bit. There were very few dads climbing around with the kids. Kevin felt proud that with some manuvering and acrobatics he could actually fit through the kid size pipes and slides. He realized that climbing up and down in and out was alot of work. I think he is going to be tired and sore tomorrow. Thanks for being a good sport Kevin

Check it out www. makutusisland.com

Next it was on oto Rainforest Cafe for a bit of their famous Volcano Cake. The jungle theme, moving animals and fancy cake sure helped make this birthday memorable.


All I Want For My Birthday is My 2 Front Teeth..

Wow within a few days we went from having all our teeth to missing our 2 front teeth. It was kind of a dramatic experices for our little Riley. More blood than last time he lost the bottom teeth. I am surprised how within a day Started talking with the TH. Right after he lost the tooth he talked really normal so I thought Oh maybe he won't have to talk goofy. But sure enough his toung had forgotten where to stop and is now putting TH's on the end of all kinds of words.

AAHHH The Joys of Being in 1st Grade

7th Birthday With Our Friends

Austin and Riley are huge fans of LEGOs. Well what 7th year old kid isn't. So I decided to make a fun cake for the boys this year. I though this cake design turned out super cute. when trying to decide which color frosting to make Austin wanted Red and Riley chose blue so we made two cakes to accomodate their choices. Riley wanted Chocolate cake and Austin Vanilla cake. Afterall they are sharing a birthday they should be able to have their OWN cake right. The joys of being a twin. They are definately not identical twins in any way.

With so much cake to eat....We decided to quickly invite some of our friends to enjoy it with us at the park. A beautiful day at the park in February. We couldn't have asked for a better time. Good food, good friends and good weather.

Zachary Mc, Malia W, Tanner Mc, Frederik A, Austin, Nicolai A (not pictured Bryn C)

(Sorry we missed taking a picture with you Bryn we loved having a fellow LEGO lover come celebrate with us.)

What a great gift to be surrounded by so many friends that truly LOVE us :)

Stephen Anglen and Austin Digging for treasures in the sand

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Riley's Loosing Teeth...

This front tooth has been dangling there for nearly one month. we tried several methods to extract the tooth but to no avail he was stuck looking goofy. We tried biting on a starburst candy hoping when he opened his mouth the candy would reveal a big front tooth. Wiggling with the fingers only loosened a bit. My personal favorite extraction method was wiggling the tooth with the hand of a lego starwars guy. The cuped hand fit just right on the edge of the tooth, then I had a good grip and i could wiggle it really good. There was only a little crying and whining, but I was having fun being the makeshift dentist . Although all this playing around was fun there was not going to be a visit from the Tooth Fairy that night.

After--- 2/2/09
This is how it finially happened. On the way home from school in the back of the van Riley was frustrated with Austin and started to solve the problem his favorite way...BITING
I guess he forgot he had one lame tooth and his chomping power was down by one, because when he tried to take a big bite out of Austin out came the tooth. :)

The Queen of OUR Castle

There is no question about who Rules the roost around here. It is Queen Lydia. She loves sitting upon her Royal throne (the high chair) telling us ALL what to do.

I can't help but submit to her squinty smile

Our schedules revolve around her, our playtime involves her and the boys can't resist taking her out of bed each morning to say hello. Wen she squaks we say how high :)

I'm sure this behavior wont last forever but for now we will just let her think she's in charge

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Like many of you, I am a Fan of General conference. Each day when I choose to read a new conference talk I become more and more amazed and in greater awe in the men and women who are called to lead this church at this time.

Sister Dalton's talk "A Return to Virtue" lifted me up today. You will have to read it for yourself and see if you get a spiritual boost too.


After she described what virtue is and why she hopes now more than ever we seek for it and live virtuous lives she wrappes it all up. I love the very last paragraph the most.

"I testify that a return to virtue is possible because of the Savior's example and the "infinite virtue of His great atoning sacrifice" I testify that we will be enabled and strengthen no only to do hard things but to do all things. Now is the time for each of us to arise and unfurl a banner to the world calling for a return to virtue. May we so live that we can be instruments in preparing the earth for HIS second coming. "that when he shall appear we shall be like him,.. purified even as his is pure"

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was very impressed by Kevin's Spontienity last weekend. He was scheduled for a 3 day weekend and knew that it would be several weeks until he would have another break. So last minuet we booked a hotel room, clipped 2/1 coupons out of the Boys Lego magazines and off we went. We kept it a secret from the boys. while driving them to school we told them the good news. It took them a few hours to get their head wrapped around the idea that they were actually going to LEGOLAND!!

We had a great time. It was neat to finally see what it was all about. Defininately a great park for 3-7 year olds. The rides are simple. There's a splash pad and little lego play spots all along the way. Austin and Riley loved the factory tour. They are all about learning how things are made. I was really proud of Riley for riding some rides that looked really scary to him at first. Little by lttle he is starting to over come his fear of high places.

January was a great time to go.... short ride wait times!! and Beautiful weather. 78 degrees.

Thanks dad for a super fun weekend.