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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Smiling Santas

On christmas I took a candid snapshot of all the kidos. It turned out so cute. Lydia has been super smily lately

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 Christmas Traditions

Over the last few years I have tried hard to decide what to make OUR Williams' family christmas traditions. I've tried new activities each year. Some have been a lot of fun and so we have continued to squeeze them in each year. Here are a few of the activities that bring us together as a family this time of year.
Decorations, treats, caroling, lights, shopping, receiving christmas cards, writing our family card...santas lap...
1. Delivering and making treats for our friends and family.

This year the boys and I wrapped upcookie dough sticks with a note that said "Everyone can use a little extra "dough". We delivered it with a Christmas carol (this was a new addition to the tradition for us)


Dipping pretzels in chocolate

Its a simple thing but it so fun and easy


Making gingerbread houses. Last year I learned from a friend how to bake my own gingerbread and form it into little houses that everyone can decorate individually. I love seeing how creative Riley and Austin can get with the candies. I was really proud of how they turned out this year. They are becoming more decerning about and very artisitic.

4. New Wrapping paper and ribbon each year. My favorite wrapping idea this year was festive colored tulle--tied like Ribbon. I put it on every thing!! and loved it .

5. Decorating the house

Putting up the christmas tree the day after thanksgiving is our tradition. Austin was my little decorator this year. I had to give up some "control" about how the tree was decorated-which ball here and how to sting the garland....The tree turned out just how he wanted it to. Candy canes everywhere!! and the star on top.

Since we don't have snow in Arizona, hanging these snowflakes in the windows makes it feel wintery

I love my Banister. being able to hang a beautiful garland and gaze into the lights in the evening really bring the Christmas Spirit

6. Christmas Lights

Mesa Temple lights are some of our favorites. We can always feel the spirit while on the temple grounds. We love to see variety of nativities each year- Austin's favoirte were the one from Alaska, China and Denmark.

Arionans get pretty creative with hanging their outdoor lights :)

After thinking about what my favorite events were from this year the list became longer and longer. We have so much to be grateful for. I is fun to reflect on our many blessings

Kevin's New Favorites

My husband is not one who "enjoys" eating out. So for him to find a restaurant that he enjoys going to and and actually looks forward to is quite a feat. I introduced Kevin to In-and-out Burger a few months back. He immediately fell in love with their simple and tasty hamburgers. I like it too, but he really likes it. When his dad came to visit he insisted on introducing him to the in and out concept , probably in hopes of having another convert.
The boys enjoy eating there too. Probably more than the hamburger and shakes they love spending time with DAD.