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Friday, September 4, 2009

Kudos To Jeannette

I have to take a second to pat myself on the back. During the last few years I have been very dependant on going to the Gym in order to fit daily exercise in. Since moving to Surprise the gym loved going to (LIFETIME) is just a bit too far for a daily trip. So I've decided to save gas and time by exercising each morning after the kids are off to the school bus.

Woo HOO We are 6 weeks in to my plan and so far I have been able to keep my commitment. YEAH!!!. I buckle Lydia into the jogger stroller, plug into my mp3 player, load up with water and baby treats and away we go. I actually look forward to our explorations now.

So far my running route consists of weaving in and out of our neighbor hood streets exploring. Sometimes I venture out into other neighborhoods, but so far this has kept me satisfied. I'm like a human GPS- for my subdivision. I know those streets like the back of my hand. Now when new friends move into the ward and tell me their address I know exactly where it is, how to get there and can even picture the style of house they probably live it. I'm such a snoop.

It is still REALLY hot here in the mornings--at least 85 degrees when I head out with the sun beating down on us-That is partly why I am so proud of myself for being so consistent, the neighbors think I'm crazy I'm sure- since it's like a ghost town here in the summer. No one goes outside. I'm hoping that by the time the weather is PERFECT here and snowing everywhere else, I will have a great habit established that I can stick to.

Your extra encouragement is always welcome :)

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