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Monday, September 7, 2009

A Pretty Chocolate Cupcake

I have a decorating tool that is so fun to use. It makes regular cupcakes and cookies look like I bought them at the store bakery.

Over the summer I got hooked on watching a TLC show called "Cake Boss" I am truly amazed at what these artists can create. Maybe you'll be hooked too. http://http//tlc.discovery.com/search/results.html?focus=video&query=cake+boss&search.x=24&search.y=5

I really thought that the cake we chose the make for Lydia's birthday, the cupcake kingdom, would turn out looking like like the Cake Boss made it. Even just watching the show I learned some skills and inside scoop to the cake decorating world. I have to admit i was quite proud of myself-tackling such a large cake project with very little experience in cake decorating.


Cheryl said...

That cake looks awesome! It puts my kids birthday cakes to shame. I love Lydia's expressions when eating the hamburger. So cute. Tell Riley awesome flips into the pool. :)

bethany said...

Love it Jeannette!!

~Melissa~ said...

I watch that show too! I dream of being able to decorate cakes. I think it is such a fun and unique talent! Your cake is simply amazing!!! Isn't it SO fun having a girl?
Happy Birthday Lydia!

Jiggle Johnson said...

How cute! You did a great job. I love that show too. Ethen and I watch it all the time!

eternity4us said...

Wow I'm impressed, although you are so creative and clever. You look darling in your green. Miss seeing you. Love, Kay

Jessica C. said...

Hi there I googled images of "school bus safety" and found your school bus picture here on this blog. May I use it in a newsletter for the "Utah Network of Employers For Traffic Safety"? We'll send you a copy of the Newsletter if you approve. Let me know how you feel - jclark@utahsafetycouncil.org


Diane Jensen said...

Hi Jeanette! I was so glad to hear from you. My email is diajensen@gmail.com. Email me or I will call you with our info. I don't think I have your email since we got a new provider.