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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Austin:A Boy After My Own Heart

The other day the boys were accompanying me while I did some errands to alot of girl/mom stores. While we were at JCP Austin picked up a housewares catalog to keep himself busy while i waited my turn. His comment made me giggle.

He loves looking through magazines. He enjoys people magazine alot, and regularly reads family Fun, and can flip the pages of a LEGO magazine over and over until we have to restaple the binding or tape the pages together again.

After he had a few minuets to examine all the fun kitchen appliances and pots and pans he said with honest frustration

"mom there's just so many great things in this magazine that I want. It is really hard to choose."

I know just how he was feeling because that is what I say to myself when ever I look through a housewares magazine. He and I are kindred spirits in that way. I think I dream about new appliances and kitchen gizzmos more than a new outfit or shoes.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Sunday

It was apretty normal/busy Sunday for us, but I did manage to take this quick photo as we raced out the door for church.
Hey Riley, Smile
.....I am

Come to find out he had big wad of Starbust candies in his mouth so he really was smiling. We retook the photo with the candy in my hand. This one turned out cute also.
Lydia's bow continued to not stay on her head.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parenting Lesson Learned

This is Kevin's Toothbrush..Mums the word

When Lydia started to crawl I thought it was great that she could get around to entertain herself. Her favorite activites were opening cupboards and unloading cupboards. Literally going from one cupboard to the next to the next one and so on until I had a terrible mess to clean up. I'ts so cute I would think. She's being musical with the pots and pans and exploring in the tupperware being creative.

Well, when my mom came to visit this last week and saw how much "fun" Lydia was having in the kitchen she gave a bit of advice...Jeannette give her ONE cupboard to unload not the whole kitchen. You're just making more work for yourself. I have to agree. Since I have been baricading her in the familyroom while I work and she plays with her toys I have found I can accomplish a whole lot more.

It's still pretty cute how she loves to unload cupboards and drawers she leaves a trail where ever she goes. unloads to bedroom drawers full of clothes and bathroom drawers filled with towels and makeup.

Tough Decision...

Well it really shouldn't be a tough decision but it was for me. It decided to change the look of my blog. So many of my friends have cute backgrounds and fun additions that make it interesting to read. so I went exploring on the TCBOTB and after 45 minuets of "trying on" backgrounds I decided on this one. What do you think?

I have to say I like it but it wasn't my first choice. The first two I tried on that I really liked all of a sudden looked really familiar...well that it because they were the same cute background from fsome good friends' blog. We must have similar tastes. So rather than being the same I chose something different. And after all, just like a bad haircut, give it a few weeks and it will grow on you, or go get it trimmed again. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We're So Proud


Although Austin and Riley were chosen as students of the quarter in January I haven't taken the time to say how proud I am of both of them. This was the first time they had received an award at school and were a little unsure about how to accept the the praise from our kind principles. There's a first time for everything. Although they were a little nervous I could still see them glowing with excitement behind their awkward smiles.
Since the beginning of the school year I have been amazed how much they have grown up during this past 1st grade year. It seems like everyday as we drive away from school I am encountered with a new "what is ....." question or "how does....work" or they ever popular WHY questions. Often times I have to think a minute inorder to give the best and most simple descriptions or definitions and answers to their curious questions. All these great questions show me how much they are learning at school and how much MORE they want to learn.
It's been almost 8 months of learning to read. I am amazed at how one day they are struggling to understand the sounds that letters make and the concept of how to sound out words and a little bit at a time, and also memorizing site words day after day; and then one day it just CLICKS. They can read!! And they LOVE to READ. Even Austin can read words on the closed captioning as they scoot quickly past.
I know they are proud of themselves and their accomplishments.
Principle Dr Waltman and Asst Tim Ramsey

Laughter of Children

It is truly amazing how each and everytime Lydia laughs we all start to giggle along with her. Her giggle is definately contagious. It has only been a month or so since we could count on her giggling at all the funny things we do. It is surprising the things that really do make her smile and laugh.

  • In this video clip she finds Riley's slow motion jogging in place a real hoot.
  • Peek a boo over the back of the sofa is another big giggle factory.
  • Tipping backwards off moms lap-- we call it "Down-down-Down"
  • good old wisker kisses in the crack of the neck is another good one.
  • sitting on top of dads shoulders
  • eating her little baby piggy toes
  • Tickling her sides-even saying the words "I'm Gonna tickle-tickle"will sqeek out a smile in anticipation.

FYI: Being tossed up in the air, even just a little bit DOES NOT produce a giggle but rather a face full of terror and the grip of death with her little hands.