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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pool Fun

I am Very sure that the saftey instructions on the box the pool came in specifically said that this was NOT safe, but we have fun doing it anyways. Knock on wood..no one has been hurt yet.

I hope you are sending prayers of safety on our behalf. :)

Riley's Flip off the ladder Austin front flip off the ladder

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Will You Just Loose Your Tooth Already

We are in the Missing teeth stage of life with Austin and Riley. Loosing teeth is fun the first few times especially the 2 front teeth, they look ridiculous without the teeth and talk really funny. Then it just get a little old listening to all the complaining about my tooth hurting or I can't eat that because of my loose tooth or I don't think I can brush my teeth tonight because you remember my loose tooth. Beware it's a great excuse of a lot of things. Well yesterday I was fed up with the excuses. being silly i reached out and grabbed Riley's loose tooth with my fingers. Wiggled it really good a few times. Wow it really was loose-it was sticking straight out but still attached. I convinced him to let me "wiggle" it again a bit. well I wasn't going to let it just hang there so I not so gently grabbed it and practically pulled his tooth out of his mouth with my fingers. Woo Hoo The Tooth Fairy's coming Tonight!!

Mom, what's for dinner?

I'm still going through a few boxes from our move organizing and dejunking.....I decided to check into the 72 hour kit. 3 years ago I felt really safe knowing that I had worked diligently to prepare our family for any disaster that might last upto and not exceeding 72 hours. whoo hoo way to go.
Today I noticed that all of the food in the kit it now very expired. so now when th eboys ask what's for lunch today i'm a happy to offer any of these options. Graham crackers, chili, ramen, milk, V-8, spahetti rings, or peanut butter. ENJOY

Austin's Preconceived Ideas

This is so cute I just had to share it.

After the second day of riding the school bus Austin informed me that he didn't want me to meet him at the bus stop and walk home with him. He felt like he knew how to get home by himself without my help. Honestly I believed he could also, but thought it would be fun to welcome him home as the bus rolled up. In addition to not wanting me to meet him he also had a preconceived idea about how I should greet him as arrived home. I was not aware of this idea until he came home and found me busily working-vaccuming the car in the garage. His first words were "mom, you're not suposed to be out here when I come home I wanted you to be inside and when I open the door I will say "Maaawwwm IIImmm Hooommme".

So unaware of how I was supposed to greet him this is how our "role play" went. It took me 3 times to figure out what he had invisioned in his mind.

1. The first time I went inside and waited right by the door so that when he opened it I was right there ready to hear him say the critical words. Well that wasn't quite right. "you're supposed to be upstairs when I say it" Oh OK Let's try it again.

2. I ran to the top of the stairs and waited a minuet more for him to say "Maaawwwm III'mmm Hooommme". No! you're not supposed to be at the top of the stairs, in your bedroom in the chair. Oh Ok let's try it again

3. 3rd times a charm. I did it exactly as he described. He opened it door wide, said the words, ran up the stairs, found me in my room, in the chair reading (pretending)and gave me a BIG welcome home hug and kiss.

Wow, I don't know why that is how he invisioned the end of a long school day, but I loved it and too cute not to remember. (too many Leave it To Beaver shows on PBS)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Sunday Night we had a school clothes fashion show, decided on the first outfit, packed our school supplies, found our luch sacks, and went to bed early. We are definately not used to getting up before 8:00 in the morning and any type of ridged schedule. The summer has been full of FUN for us. Now it's time to get back the grindstone.

Austin's First day of school- Ashton Ranch Elementary 2009

RILEY's First day of school at Ashton Ranch Elementary 2009--2nd Grade

Everyone in our family was really excited about the new experience of Riding the school bus.

When 7:30 came around we could hear the first day of school excitement outside our windows as several kids and some parents made the trek to the bus stop together. We met some nice neighbors and realized that there were a lot of kids from the neighborhood going to our same school

Riley is all ready for ALOT of Homework

My First Piggie Tails

Lydia's hair seems to getting a little bit longer each day so today I tried to put in pig tails . I'm definately not a pro at doing girl hair yet, but it was super fun to imagine our future mornings on the bathroom counter.

Everywhere we went today for errands she was a hit. They probably thought I pretty desperate.