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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"My Soul Delighteth in..."

For our visiting teaching message this month I chose a few exerpt from Sister Tanner's General Conference Talk My soul Delighteth in the Things of the Lord"

During our visits we talked about the things that each of delight in and from doing that I realiezed that there are different things every day that I can "delight in" and that give me cause to rejoice.

I have decided to share a few of these thoughts each day, or at least when I get a chance to post.

I delight in technology. Since our ward was realighned recently we have been able to stay in contact with recently moved members and feel connected with new sisters in the ward. I am truly grateful for the LDS website.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting Ready for Baby

This weekend the whole family helped prepare for the coming of a new baby. We converted Dad's office in to a nursery. The boys loved helping dad take apart his desk and use the power tools to put it back together. They must have been inspired by the tools and how much fun they are, because Austin immediately got out his own set from Home Depot, courtesy of grandpa Dennis, and started working away. They haven't played with that set in a really long time, I guess they just needed a good example and a fun reason to break it out of the closet again.
I was impressed how they both kept themselves busy all day helping, playing and being mischievous so that we could work on getting the crib together, organize clothes and gifts and feel ready for when ever She arrives.

We had a little dispute about the red gingham sheet on the crib. After I pleaded my case of needing to girly up the safari animals a little more and how red is my favorite color Kevin gave in and let me do what I wanted. Later he said that it looked really cute and can't wait to use the changing table to change dirty diapers :) {no, he didn't really say that)

These last 3 weeks of waiting and anticipation are harder to wait than the previous 7 months. It's Killing ME!! Good thing the next weeks are filled with school responsibilities and last minuet details so I don't have to just sit "waiting" watching my belly grow and move.