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Sunday, February 8, 2009

2 Big Thumbs up for Makutus Island

As a family we celebrated Austin and Riley's birthday at Makutus Island along with and a bite to eat at Rainforest Cafe. We made it a Jungly 7th Celebration.

I am now a huge fan of Makutus Island. Austin showed us his NO FEAR side where as Riley became even for afraid of heights.

Kevin was Austin's climbing buddy going through every possible tube, tree and slide. Austin's favorite slide was the big Banana slide. Each time they crawled through a clear plexiglass tube 25feet above the air Kevin admits he was a bit freeked out whereas it didn't phase Austin a bit. There were very few dads climbing around with the kids. Kevin felt proud that with some manuvering and acrobatics he could actually fit through the kid size pipes and slides. He realized that climbing up and down in and out was alot of work. I think he is going to be tired and sore tomorrow. Thanks for being a good sport Kevin

Check it out www. makutusisland.com

Next it was on oto Rainforest Cafe for a bit of their famous Volcano Cake. The jungle theme, moving animals and fancy cake sure helped make this birthday memorable.


All I Want For My Birthday is My 2 Front Teeth..

Wow within a few days we went from having all our teeth to missing our 2 front teeth. It was kind of a dramatic experices for our little Riley. More blood than last time he lost the bottom teeth. I am surprised how within a day Started talking with the TH. Right after he lost the tooth he talked really normal so I thought Oh maybe he won't have to talk goofy. But sure enough his toung had forgotten where to stop and is now putting TH's on the end of all kinds of words.

AAHHH The Joys of Being in 1st Grade

7th Birthday With Our Friends

Austin and Riley are huge fans of LEGOs. Well what 7th year old kid isn't. So I decided to make a fun cake for the boys this year. I though this cake design turned out super cute. when trying to decide which color frosting to make Austin wanted Red and Riley chose blue so we made two cakes to accomodate their choices. Riley wanted Chocolate cake and Austin Vanilla cake. Afterall they are sharing a birthday they should be able to have their OWN cake right. The joys of being a twin. They are definately not identical twins in any way.

With so much cake to eat....We decided to quickly invite some of our friends to enjoy it with us at the park. A beautiful day at the park in February. We couldn't have asked for a better time. Good food, good friends and good weather.

Zachary Mc, Malia W, Tanner Mc, Frederik A, Austin, Nicolai A (not pictured Bryn C)

(Sorry we missed taking a picture with you Bryn we loved having a fellow LEGO lover come celebrate with us.)

What a great gift to be surrounded by so many friends that truly LOVE us :)

Stephen Anglen and Austin Digging for treasures in the sand

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Riley's Loosing Teeth...

This front tooth has been dangling there for nearly one month. we tried several methods to extract the tooth but to no avail he was stuck looking goofy. We tried biting on a starburst candy hoping when he opened his mouth the candy would reveal a big front tooth. Wiggling with the fingers only loosened a bit. My personal favorite extraction method was wiggling the tooth with the hand of a lego starwars guy. The cuped hand fit just right on the edge of the tooth, then I had a good grip and i could wiggle it really good. There was only a little crying and whining, but I was having fun being the makeshift dentist . Although all this playing around was fun there was not going to be a visit from the Tooth Fairy that night.

After--- 2/2/09
This is how it finially happened. On the way home from school in the back of the van Riley was frustrated with Austin and started to solve the problem his favorite way...BITING
I guess he forgot he had one lame tooth and his chomping power was down by one, because when he tried to take a big bite out of Austin out came the tooth. :)

The Queen of OUR Castle

There is no question about who Rules the roost around here. It is Queen Lydia. She loves sitting upon her Royal throne (the high chair) telling us ALL what to do.

I can't help but submit to her squinty smile

Our schedules revolve around her, our playtime involves her and the boys can't resist taking her out of bed each morning to say hello. Wen she squaks we say how high :)

I'm sure this behavior wont last forever but for now we will just let her think she's in charge