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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shutterfly DEAL. Psst. Pass it along

Boy oh boy do I love shutterfly.com. Since 20079 i have coverted from Paper Scrapbooking to DIGITAL. I love how easy thier photobooks are to do and great they come out looking.

I have found also that Shutterfly.com has ramped up their designs for Personalized cards. I have made several for my Mom and sisters. They love getting them n the mail for thier birthday and mothers Day. Check out this link to find your favorite design too. to http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery

CHristmas time is an awesome time to send holiday greeting and a family pic to frends and family. CLik here to find which design fits your family photo the best.


Last years 2009 Grandparent gift, a personalized photo calendar, was a huge hit. I think every month when the new picture was displayed I received a call saying thankyou for the great gift. They loved being reminded of their long distant grandchildren. it was so easy too. I think I decided to make the gift last minuet. I made it in one day and they arrived just in time for christmas day. I'm not a procrastinator or anything ;)
Try to make your last minuet gifts here to delight all your Nanas and Papas too


Hope you are as excited as sharing your scrapbooks and gifts through Shutterfly as I am.