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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring training game LA Angels vs White Sox

For 3 years now we have been going to the spring training baseball games with Shayne and his boys. Each year we learn a little more about baseball and how it's played. This year the boys payed attentention longer than they ever have. The weather was perfect. I could have sat in the sun enjoying the sounds of the game relaxing for several more hours. These are some of the best times here in Arizona. SUn shine and Baseball!!

Easter egg hunt Saturday

We tried to th ink of a creative way to have an Easter egg hunt at Grandma's . Color Coding all the eggs. a little tricky for Abby since she is color blind and all. All the kids had fun and ended up with some fun treats. Next time we will definitely have to hide the eggs in harder spots. make them Work for their treats.

Children's Museum with Granpa Dennis

When Austin and Riley were asked what their favorite part of the Childrne's museum, they both agreed that the " balls " were their favorites. I think they could have played there all day. When we were ready to go home I gave them the option to go see a new exhibit or spend the last 15 minuets back at the ball station they both agreed to go back and watch the balls be sucked up into the tubes.

Picts of Utah

We were a little desperate for snow, having not seen it for a few years. Coming in March was a little risky, we might have missed all the snow. We were lucky though, when we arrived it was cold and some snow still remained in grandpas backyard. It was a little crispy and not really that great for making snow balls, but we did out best. We were suited up, boots hats and all the gear ready to throw a few snow balls, make a few snow angels on the hard snow and trample through the backyard getting wet to our knees. By the end of the week the snow gradually melted and with the help of the boys all the snow was removed or melted from the trampoline. Now we could do some great jumping.

our fun times in Utah

Spring break the boys and I went to Utah. Riley and Austin were especially excited to see their cousins again and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa. We did a lot of fun things and relaxed a little bit. Swimming, watching movies, riding in the 4 wheeler, working the dump truck dumper, easter egg hunting and watching "Enchanted" on the wall with a projector...A week really goes by fast when you are having fun.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Posting

Ok, today I took some time while I was visiting my parents in utah to finish my attempt at creating a blog. I realize that this is very far from what I want it to look like and become. So, bear with me as I learn how and become more comfortable talking on the internet.